<p>We are ultra proud to be award the BizSafe Award for workplace safety. It is a testament to our continued belief of doing great work and ensuring staff safety.</p>
<p>Sometimes, the simplest solution often yields the best results. Just like this example project for a footwear product. (Scroll towards the bottom for a “real” Oakley deployment) In today’s challenging retail environment, we need to do all we can to tell a products’ story. But first, you need to stand […]</p>
<p>We all know that retail space is a premium. With the rising cost of space, every inch is valuable. So when we were approached to produce a better storage solution for ACUVUE, we took this opportunity to not just build a cabinet but incorporate a better brand and marketing solution. […]</p>
<p>The worst thing marketing can do is to assume that shoppers understand your product. In this project, Grohe S.P.A leaves nothing to chance… Grohe S.P.A is the leading producer of quality taps, faucets and other fittings. They have recently opened their flagship store in Singapore’s swanky Orchard Road. With a […]</p>
<p>When designing a window display for your product, you need to pick the one feature that resonate best with your customers.</p>
<p>Create a compelling story about your product is key to capturing shoppers.</p>
<p>A quick brand refresh to a Silhouette cabinet. Before the refresh, the cabinet feels tired and dated… Products feels old and uninviting… Sometimes, just a few new components is all it takes to “refresh” the brand presence. As all new components are fabricated off-site, all we need to do is […]</p>
<p>Simple yet elegant. Not to mention high technical difficulty. The challenges faced in this project is the seamless tiling of the background which features a black & white desert scene. To solve this, we had to first ensure adequate tiling when printing each panel. As it was a one night […]</p>
<p>A small window display for Oakley / Ferrari Scuderia collection. Just in time for the F1 racing season here in Singapore.</p>