Oliver Peoples Window Display

Oliver Peoples Window Display

Simple yet elegant. Not to mention high technical difficulty.

The challenges faced in this project is the seamless tiling of the background which features a black & white desert scene. To solve this, we had to first ensure adequate tiling when printing each panel. As it was a one night turnaround project, we first printed a small scale test. And made a small mockup with that. Once confident of the tiling, each panel is then printed and labeled with markings to ensure alignment.

Careful removal of the power socket face plate allows for a perfectly flushed print around the power outlet.

HDR Printing.

This is one of the best showcase for HDR or 16bit printing. With it we are able to achieve very wide tonal ranges. And if you have every tried printing B/W images, you will know that it is not easy. Normal 8bit color printing often results in a very obvious color cast. But by utilising 16bit printing and accurate color profiling, the results is stunning.

Photos here with JPG compression doesn’t do it any justice… Must be seen in person to appreciate the impact.