Re-Imagine Retail Branding that is also practical

We all know that retail space is a premium. With the rising cost of space, every inch is valuable. So when we were approached to produce a better storage solution for ACUVUE, we took this opportunity to not just build a cabinet but incorporate a better brand and marketing solution.

But first, we need to evaluate the store’s needs. As the store in Hong Kong was one of the best selling ACUVUE partner, we realised in the discovery phase that they needed to stock lots of products. Therefore, practical functionality was high on the priority list.

By studying how stores currently stores their contact lens products, we can see from the example below that it is far from being “consumer-orientated”. Current practises just makes contact lenses feel too pharmaceutical. There is just no meaningful way for the consumer to decide what is best for them. And as research has proven, if a consumer find it hard to decide, chances are, they would do their research online and subsequently, buy elsewhere.

So, to solve those problems and make it easy for consumer to understand the benefits of Acuvue products, we break the norm and store their products behind the branding.

More product literature can be placed at the secondary focus point. In the concept, we’ve also added an ipad for shoppers to sign up and get an instant discount.

Actual deployed unit… just missing the ipad.

Further storage for “trial packs” can be placed at the lower half so that we free-up the prime space for the main product loadup and focus.

Here’s the completed installation on the right of the store with the traditional shelves on the left side. Which side do you think makes an effort for the consumer?