Stand out from the crowd – from as low as $35.

Sometimes, the simplest solution often yields the best results. Just like this example project for a footwear product. (Scroll towards the bottom for a “real” Oakley deployment)

In today’s challenging retail environment, we need to do all we can to tell a products’ story. But first, you need to stand out from the sea of similar products.

In this design exercise, we set out to target a few goals. First, it must be cost effective. It should be easy to ship and easy to setup. And if possible, modular in design.

Being modular, we can adapt the display dimensions to fit all shelves. Here’s a superimposed view of our design in a typical shelf. Can you imagine your product highlighted in a typical store?

Made of light weight composite materials, we have achieve all our design targets. See the animation below to see how the standee is assembled.

The benefits of this design can be applied with some minor adaptation to a multitude of products. For example, this real life project for Oakley eyewear.

It retains all of our design targets but with just a few changes to the “skin” and the panels, we have created a version for an entirely different product.

Structurally firm, it is simple enough to be self-assembled on-site with no tools required.

As you can see in the assembly animation, the display can be flat-packed, making it easy to be shipped to stores.

Using strong yet light-weight materials and composites, we were able to keep the weight low and shipping cost to a minimum.

First prototype was built to test functionality and durability.

Here’s a deployed standee in one of Puyi’s swanky stores in Hong Kong.

So, if you have a product and need to boost its’ presence, call us and I’m sure we can figure out a solution for you.